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Tour packages to Heaven – Kashmir Tour packages

 The echoes of the valleys and the ripples  in the lakes pull you. Come Kashmir.  Experience the panoramic views through  the Kashmir tour packages.


 The packages are of diverse types  depending upon the time people are  ready to put in. The 2 nights/ 3 days  package includes a natural manifestation  and tryst with the Lake City, Srinagar.  Get indulged into this beautiful city with  the love of Moghuls in air. Breathe and  feast the eyes on the rice paddies,  embellished gardens and lakes. Thereafter, switch yourself to pious lands of the Shankaracharaya Temple. The famous Nishat and Shalimar Bagh trips are also included in the package. Caress your senses with the largest flower bio-diversities and find your true self in the lake waters. Houseboats and the heavenly serenity of hills can be enjoyed in the Dal Lake. The package also includes trips to Gulmarg, the meadows of Gold. Gaze through the pine surrounded basins of the Pir Panjal Range. The overnight stays are booked at either houseboats or hotels.


The package includes all the above trips with inclusion of religious awakening to the Awantipura Ruins. Being 1100 years old, they glorify the trust in Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Thereafter, a trip to Pahalgam (Valley Of Shepherds) and Sonmarg add to the rest.

You can also visit Hazratabal Mosque and the Kheer Bhawani temple. Both being landmarks for the Muslim and Hindu pilgrims respectively.

So hire the packages and get nestled in the laps of heavenly nature.

Source: http://www.travelexcellence.net/kashmir_packages_2013.html

The Deluxe Houseboats in Kashmir – amazing option for lodging

Deluxe Houseboats in KashmirKashmir is better known as the heaven on Earth. The best place one can think of going for their holidays, releasing all the tension and drained vigor is Kashmir. A trip to the paradise is never complete without a night’s stay in Deluxe Houseboats in Kashmir.


Offering you a wide variety of choices depending upon your pocket, there are different types of rooms available like deluxe rooms, premium rooms, Suites, and the Kohinoor suits.


Deluxe Rooms:

Fully spacious and furnished in a sophisticated manner, the rooms provide you a heritage living standard equipped with amenities equal to the International standards. Superabundantly sizeable and tastefully ornamented with walnut wood furnishing will make your stay memorable.


Premium Room:

Decorated using walnut wood, the premium rooms offer a lot starting from the walk in wardrobe to the comfort of bathtubs. Each room features its own individuality of character prettified using unique interiors. The level of splendor develops an intimate and personalized feel that turns the first timers into a loyal and frequent visitor.


Suite Room:

Suites are specially designed to create a cozy furnishing generating an inviting aroma to set the perfect mood relishing and experiencing the special moments of life. Elegantly crafted and magnificently done up, the rooms comprises of a king-sized bed, working area encompassing walnut wood desk, a plush section with lavish sofa and beautiful chairs. The complete bathroom has been modeled using Italian marble, sunken bathing tub & a self-contained shower area making it a perfect place to relax. 

Source: http://www.Kashmirhouseboats.net/Facilities.aspx

Rajasthan Tour: Explore the rich culture of majestic palaces of kings


Are you planning for holidays? Looking for the place where you can enjoy the view of golden deserts and on the other side the green mountain range!! The Land of Kings, Rajasthan is awaiting for you. Rajasthan is the vibrant and colourful state in the west of India. It is known for its royal culture. Magnificent palaces, historical forts, striking desert, Quiet lakes, hustling towns and cheerful people are some of the common views in Rajasthan.

While planning for Rajasthan tours Jaipur is on the top. Jaipur is the capital of the state and also called as the Pink City. There are ancient houses in pink colour having a unique ancient architecture and made up of pink hue sand stones. You can opt for a Jaipur tour package with us.


Rediscover India offers tailored Jaipur tour packages. In these tour packages we offer the trip to Forts & monuments like Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Rambagh Palace and many more like this depicting the royalty of kings. Ancient temples with old architecture, fascinating exteriors and unique carved artwork can’t be missed.  With us you can enjoy the golden sand dunes safari in Thar Desert and in Mt. Abu you can experience the spirituality in the vast Aravalli range.


We make your trip hassle free with our royal services taking care of everything. We provide you packages according to your pocket and make your stay comfortable at royal resorts. So come and take the essence of royalty with us. Book your tour with Rediscover India to discover the quaint Rajasthan with our guides.

Source: http://rediscoverindia.co.in/rajasthan.html

Money advertisement and social media

In the past one decade or so, social media has grown tremendously and even more so into a widely used and easily accessible source of advertisement and spreading word about your product and services into the general public. Every one is connected to social media and social sites no matter where they are. With smart phones and tabs, the social media connectivity is not restricted only to the computers, it’s now everywhere and at all time 24X7.


Social media has wide a reach with around 60 to 70% of population connected to social media companies in one way or the other and so close knitted together. With this much user base and potential customer and clients social media becomes a gold mine and a very viable source of advertisement for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Marketing with social mediamakes your product much more accessible with users of that firm, generating traffic onto your website with regularity which in turn could return into a good client and customer base for you. We at Firefox ITES services provides you with all the correct information and all types of services that are available for you to use so that you could market and advertise your product using social media and related companies.


Our web developers, social media managers and social media optimization experts are trained and consist of the most faithful users of these social media. There fore they are more than capable of creating and presenting your advertisement and services to the user in such a way so as to create maximum traffic and returning traffic and client list for your website.


We provide you with best solutions to your problem and with perfect ways to utilize the vast and untapped expand of social media as advertisement sites.


Source: http://www.firefoxitesservices.com/social-media-optimization.html

The Northern Beauty of India, Hill stations of Himachal Pradesh!

When you plan to visit northern India, the most beautiful places you can be to are the beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh; Dalhousie and KulluManali. These two hill station are wonderful in their own way because they are blessed with nature’s beauty. We provide the most amazing Dalhousie tourism and Kullu Manali tour too. We believe in serving our clients with the best and show them the real beauty of these places.


Dalhousie is said to be the most gorgeous hill station in Himalaya’s and the most famous too. It was named after the British Viceroy Lord Dalhousie who explored this beautiful hill station in 1854. The best part about our tourism is along with taking our clients to the best places we even provide all the information about the places too. We take our customers to the most famous places and even those places which aren’t that known but worth a look. You get to see the most beautiful churches here in Dalhousie and many other things too which you must’ve doubtfully seen before. The best time to visit Dalhousie is between April to October. The eatery here is just too good and you will get to taste some Traditional India’s delicacy too.


Talking about Kullu Manali, this hill station is very high on tourism because of its beautiful environment and climate. It is situated in the northern sited Kullu valley. This place is referred as the ‘VALLEY OF God’s’ and Queen of hill stations. This place is filled with silence and the best holiday destination for a family to spend some quality time with your kids and wife. We take our customers for the best sightseeing and the mountains which will make you feel great after looking at them. The forests here are all you would want to be to; cool breeze with birds chirping. We even take our clients for trekking which is very famous here. You should definitely try visiting to these hill stations and see the beautiful nature with us.

Source: http://rediscoverindia.co.in/himachal.html


Every year, one wonders about the best place to visit and have a delightful journey. When it comes to choosing a hill station, tourists prefer paying a visit to Shimla and Kull Manali, located in Himachal Pradesh. These hill towns are the most sought after tourist destinations in India. People from across the country and other nations visit Shimla and Kullu Manali to come closer to nature and enjoy a pleasant climate.


For honeymoon-goers as well as casual travelers, Kullu Manali and Shima offer natural scenic beauty as well as winter adventurous sports. If you are wondering as to how you can visit these hill stations at once, we at Holidays Travel promise to make it a comfortable journey with our specially designed Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package.

Kullu, popularly known as the valley of Gods, promise a calm and composed journey as there are several temples that one can visit here. Offering greenery and tranquility is Manali where tourists throng to enjoy sporting activities like ice skating, rock climbing, trekking, para-gliding and others.


Capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is also full of attraction spots where tourists can go and make memories. Blessed with natural beauty, is known as queen of hills. So if you have made up your mind to visit these hill stations, you can go through our Tour Packages for Shimla Manali and choose the most appropriate one. Our Shimla Manali Tour Package offers various facilities and services to make your journey a pleasant one.

Source: http://www.holidaystravel.in/shimla-manali-tour-package.html



As internet has become a wide platform for entrepreneurs to market their products and services and expand their customer base as well, many entrepreneurs are now entering this arena. If you are also thinking to get into online business, the first and foremost step must be to get the website of your company designed by SEO experts. You can approach a website design company and get the site developed and designed. At Firefox ITES Services, the team of professionals makes use of effective link building so as to increase your online presence and make the website rank higher on search engines.


A website can be designed and developed at affordable charges so as to derive maximum profits from search engine optimization services. Being a web design company, Firefox ITES Services provide best possible assistance when it comes to upgrading a business’s internet potential and making it successful in such a competitive world.

The experienced and well trained professionals as well as SEO experts work with dedication to boost a business’s online presence and bring valuable traffic to the website. This in turn increases sales of products and services, thereby increasing a company’s revenue. Among all the services, we provide best link building services so that the website is recognized by popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The aim is to develop the website in such a way that it has connecting links with some other websites and to make it rank above the competitors. 

Source: http://www.firefoxitesservices.com/website-design.html