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Tour packages to Heaven – Kashmir Tour packages

 The echoes of the valleys and the ripples  in the lakes pull you. Come Kashmir.  Experience the panoramic views through  the Kashmir tour packages.


 The packages are of diverse types  depending upon the time people are  ready to put in. The 2 nights/ 3 days  package includes a natural manifestation  and tryst with the Lake City, Srinagar.  Get indulged into this beautiful city with  the love of Moghuls in air. Breathe and  feast the eyes on the rice paddies,  embellished gardens and lakes. Thereafter, switch yourself to pious lands of the Shankaracharaya Temple. The famous Nishat and Shalimar Bagh trips are also included in the package. Caress your senses with the largest flower bio-diversities and find your true self in the lake waters. Houseboats and the heavenly serenity of hills can be enjoyed in the Dal Lake. The package also includes trips to Gulmarg, the meadows of Gold. Gaze through the pine surrounded basins of the Pir Panjal Range. The overnight stays are booked at either houseboats or hotels.


The package includes all the above trips with inclusion of religious awakening to the Awantipura Ruins. Being 1100 years old, they glorify the trust in Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Thereafter, a trip to Pahalgam (Valley Of Shepherds) and Sonmarg add to the rest.

You can also visit Hazratabal Mosque and the Kheer Bhawani temple. Both being landmarks for the Muslim and Hindu pilgrims respectively.

So hire the packages and get nestled in the laps of heavenly nature.

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