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The Northern Beauty of India, Hill stations of Himachal Pradesh!

When you plan to visit northern India, the most beautiful places you can be to are the beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh; Dalhousie and KulluManali. These two hill station are wonderful in their own way because they are blessed with nature’s beauty. We provide the most amazing Dalhousie tourism and Kullu Manali tour too. We believe in serving our clients with the best and show them the real beauty of these places.


Dalhousie is said to be the most gorgeous hill station in Himalaya’s and the most famous too. It was named after the British Viceroy Lord Dalhousie who explored this beautiful hill station in 1854. The best part about our tourism is along with taking our clients to the best places we even provide all the information about the places too. We take our customers to the most famous places and even those places which aren’t that known but worth a look. You get to see the most beautiful churches here in Dalhousie and many other things too which you must’ve doubtfully seen before. The best time to visit Dalhousie is between April to October. The eatery here is just too good and you will get to taste some Traditional India’s delicacy too.


Talking about Kullu Manali, this hill station is very high on tourism because of its beautiful environment and climate. It is situated in the northern sited Kullu valley. This place is referred as the ‘VALLEY OF God’s’ and Queen of hill stations. This place is filled with silence and the best holiday destination for a family to spend some quality time with your kids and wife. We take our customers for the best sightseeing and the mountains which will make you feel great after looking at them. The forests here are all you would want to be to; cool breeze with birds chirping. We even take our clients for trekking which is very famous here. You should definitely try visiting to these hill stations and see the beautiful nature with us.

Source: http://rediscoverindia.co.in/himachal.html